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Tire Pattern HS101

All-Position Regional Rib Tire The HS101 is the ideal tire for highway and rough road surfaces. Applications include interstate and intrastate trucks, buses and trailers. Also suitable for all types of construction equipment, including tanker trucks and concrete...

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Tire Pattern HS268

Mixed Service All-Position Rib Tire The HS268 is a mixed service all-position rib tire. Ideal for spread axle applications. Other applications include local or long distance trucks, freight tanker, dump trucks, logging trucks and transit mix concrete trucks. Four rib...

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Tire Pattern HS208

Closed Shoulder Premium Line Haul Drive Tire The HS208 is a premium, closed shoulder drive tire designed to offer excellent performance in all transportation applications. Suitable for all drive axle applications including long distance trucks and buses, as well as...

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Tire Pattern HS217

Four layer belt structure provides tires excellent high speed performance, durable performance, deepen the pattern set To improve mileage.

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Tire Pattern HS207

Open Shoulder Regional Drive The HS207 is an open shoulder regional drive tire designed to offer excellent performance. Suitable application for any drive axle application including local and long distance trucks, interstate and interstate buses, tankers and all types...

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