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Kapsen - Tire Pattern HS207

Open Shoulder Regional Drive

The HS207 is an open shoulder regional drive tire designed to offer excellent performance.

Suitable application for any drive axle application including local and long distance trucks, interstate and interstate buses, tankers and all types of construction vehicles.


  • Staggered lug design
  • Deep tread and strong shoulders
  • All-steel casing design


  • Resists irregular wear
  • Excellent traction in rain, mud, and snow
  • Enhanced durability and retreadibility

Technical Parameters

Pattern Size Tread Depth (In/32nds) Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter (In) Section Width (In) Load Capacity Ply Rating
HS207 11R22.5 24 146/143 L 41.5 11.0 6610 H
HS207 11R24.5 24 149/146 L 43.5 11.0 7160 H
HS207 285/75R24.5 26 144/141 L 41.3 11.1 6175 G
HS207 295/75R22.5 26 144/141 L 39.9 11.7 6175 G