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Roadlux / Long March - Tire Pattern 306

On/Off Road Drive Axle Tire

The R305/*R306 is built to handle heavy loads and rough terrain.

This is the ideal tire for logging and mining applications.


  • 31/32 tread depth and computer-optimized deep lug tread pattern
  • Cut and chip resistance compounds


  • Provides excellent traction for severe end applications
  • Durability for off-road and longer mileage during over-the-highway use

Technical Parameters

Pattern Size Tread Depth (In/32nds) Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter (In) Section Width (In) Load Capacity Ply Rating
R305 11R22.5 32 146/143 J 41.3 11.0 6610 H
R306 11R24.5 32 149/146 J 43.5 11.0 7160 H