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Roadlux / Long March - Tire Pattern 519

Regional All Position Tire

The R519 is a regional all position tire that is ideal for both highway and rough road surfaces.

Applications include interstate and intrastate trucks, and tractor trailers.

Also suitable for all types of tanker trucks and buses.


  • Four rib tread design with 3 wide circumferential groves
  • Extra deep tread depth with large flat footprint
  • 3 wide groves with stone ejectors


  • Enhanced lateral traction and water displacement
  • Provides excellent ride stability and long even wear in high scrub applications
  • Protects casing from stone and rock drilling

Technical Parameters

Pattern Size Tread Depth (In/32nds) Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter (In) Section Width (In) Load Capacity Ply Rating
R519 11R22.5 20 144/142 L 41.5 11.0 6610 H