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Used Tires - Used Tires

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Used tires, also known as “takeoff”,  “change over” or “high tread” tires, are tires that have been mounted on a rim and for various reasons, have been “taken off” and discounted in price. These tires are just as safe as a new tire, but cost much less then a new tire.

Smith Tire’s “Used Tire” to “Refurbished Tire” Process

1)      All used tires are hand sorted by certified tire professionals – only the best, highest quality, deep tread tires are selected

NO Bead Chips

NO Weather Checking

NO Structural Casing or Sidewall Damage

NO Pulled Cords

NO Hidden Signs of a Run Flat

NO Section Repairs

2)      NDT II tire inspection machine – The NDT sends electric current through the tire stopping on any injury that might have been missed by the human eye. Depending on the severity of the injury, the tire is either patched or rejected. Patches are applied to the inside of the tread surface only

3)      All tires are pressure tested to 110psi in a Mattuezzi Pressure Tester to verify no leaks

4)      All tires receive a coat of commercial grade tire paint to ensure uniformity and “like new” condition

5)      Warranty – YES!! we even guarantee our used tires from defects