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Roadlux / Long March - Tire Pattern 509

Premium Regional Open Tread Design Drive Tire

The R509 is a premium drive axle tire that is ideal for local and metro pick-up delivery applications.

It provides excellent wet and dry traction on all road surfaces.


  • Aggressive open shoulder tread design
  • Deep tread depth and siping
  • All-steel casing design


  • Enhanced grip in mud and snow road conditions
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Durability and retreadibility

Technical Parameters

Pattern Size Tread Depth (In/32nds) Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter (In) Section Width (In) Load Capacity Ply Rating
R509 225/70R19.5 19 125/123 J 31.9 8.9 3970 G
R509 245/70R19.5 19 135/133 J 33 9.8 4805 H